making the pretty pictures

Monday, January 31, 2011

entertainers and merchants

Several friends and I are working on a side project and this piece was one of my contributions as to what an off planet trader might look like. The big fella on the left actually has slits on the insides of his sleeves of skin, their for letting his arms slide in and out during day to day activities.
-Preferred method of transportation on land, floating barges.

water racer

This is one of the sketches for a watery species that I thought of, I wanted it to be that her hood/collar was actually a flap of skin that serves as gills. They would pump and stretch depending on what environment she's in. The gill hood also contributes to the species being absurdly fast in the water.

saddled mount

a great lumbering creature, used to transporting wares when machinery just, isn't cutting it... or maybe I should say pulling it?
-The tags on its rump are actually passes strung on the saddle for who ever's company is using them that day, a different tag for each language that is around the area listing the holding yard it should be returned to.
-the armor on the arms is actually a restraining device used to limit how much the muscles contract so the beast's strength can be strictly controlled.

unsaddled carnivorous mount

Unsaddled and a smaller carnivorous version of transportation, these mounts are one of the quickest ways to drag an excess of heavy materials across a long distance. Their also incredibly clever and due to their ability to sit on their hind quarters they are able to use both front limbs at a time on what ever activity their up to.

mother of tadpoles

This is the mother of tadpoles. she dwells in swamps and since the eyes of her children shine so brightly she loans them to travelers who pay her a special toll for crossing safely.... and other times she uses her children to guide those wandering with out paying the fare to her den so that she might dine upon them.

female bounty hunter

Female bounty hunter, her gun is made from a large hollowed out jawbone. It has a metal tube drilled in and wrapped around with leather to cushion the shock of a bullet being shot through, with out shattering the bone itself. Her species has an acute sense of smell and sight, unfortunately their hearing is almost non-existent.

robot studies

various trader robots, guards, pets and transportation.


These are a type of robot that wander only around market place districts selling their varieties of savory smoked meats to shoppers. the large metal grill fastened to their backs let them smoke meat every hour of the day.


This is called a watcher, the wealthy station them outside their homes as a guard or form of mobile security camera. Robotic, but uses fur and camouflage paint as a form of hiding its self if need be, These are not companion technology like pets or traders.


I figure that in any market place or town square needs a gypsy, and I wanted to give this one more of a tribal feel since gypsies are supposed to be travelers and not dwellers of a big city.


I like to think that this dragoons armor is gained by the victory of her battles and instead of donning by sliding it on. Her skin actually hardens in the forms of her past attackers and forms a type of shell.

demon hunter couple

Demon hunter couple, with a small example of what they hunt in the corner.